The Zen Of Slow Cooking


Premium Spice Blends and Signature Recipes

the zen of slow cooking® is a social impact enterprise that creates and sells premium, non-irradiated, non-GMO spice blends and signature contemporary recipes for the Instant Pot® and slow cooker.

To support this local B Corp, visit their website here.

The Change We Seek

In the state of Illinois, only 35% of people with disabilities are employed. For adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, that number drops to just 9%.  

As social impact entrepreneurs, we wanted to address that employment gap by creating sustainable employment for any adult who has a developmental disability.

With that desire rooted in our belief that everyone has something positive to contribute to the world, we approached Planet Access Company (a division of Search Inc.) to partner with us on packaging our spice blends.  

Each time you purchase one of our Zen Blends we make a contribution on your behalf to our Drishti Donation. Your donation pays for our Slow Cooker Community Boxes, complete with a slow cooker, spice blends sample pack for each cook along with a 30 minute phone consultation to help you craft your own class. The dream is to give those who, under normal circumstances, don’t have the capacity to cook a meal for themselves the opportunity to cook as part of a larger group experience.

Through our Slow Cooker Community Boxes we hope to connect people to each other and to educate them on simple slow cooking techniques. We believe that individuals can gain independence through slow cooking while experiencing a shared meal in their community. Our dream is that through our community box we will foster opportunities for people to come together and cook together.