Creating Impact on Every Purchase.

ShoppingGives began in 2015 as an organization to do good and make an impact. As time progressed, they saw a demand from consumers for the same. ShoppingGives builds products to address the expectation for change. 

The new generation of consumers is buying with their values and voting with their wallets. ShoppingGives wanted to enable these consumers and the brands they believe in to make change together.

Through ShoppingGives’ technology, shoppers are enabled to choose the causes that matter most to them while shopping for their favorite products. Brands are able to grow closer to their customers by aligning values and showing that what matters to their customers, matters to them. Nonprofit organizations are able to raise funds through new means while sharing their mission and building relationships with retailers and their customers. 

ShoppingGives is building a Giving Economy where every purchase exists to create an impact and hopes to bring together shoppers, retailers and nonprofits to power meaningful change more effortlessly. 

ShoppingGives believes that brands can do well by doing good. They are proud of the community they’ve built that brings their Dedicated Impact Partners the ability to give back to organizations of all sizes; shoppers the ability to stretch their dollar for good; and organizations the funding to progress their missions.

To support this local B Corp, visit their website here.