Greenprint Partners


Community-driven Stormwater Solutions

Greenprint Partners is a green infrastructure delivery partner that helps cities achieve high-impact, community-driven stormwater solutions at scale.

Our community-first commitment means that we co-design each project with residents to revitalize neighborhoods, increase public health and safety, and create new job opportunities. That’s how our team of project managers, community organizers, landscape architects, engineers, and finance professionals helps cities and landowners get the most good out of green infrastructure.

Green infrastructure transforms communities. We partner with cities to deliver more, better, for all.

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The Change We Seek

We take impact seriously and invest passion and resources into achieving the highest possible level of revitalization through our work.

We believe our mission driven work can maximize prosperity for cities, communities, investors, and our own team.

We do not settle for incremental or mediocre impact when we have the potential to create seismic change.

We approach the opportunities and challenges of each city with a holistic and ecosystems-based lens that seeks opportunity in interconnections.