Fine Tune


The smart solution for complex expenses

Fine Tune manages clients’ complex tail spend expense categories – including waste and recycling, uniform rental, facility services, security services, and pest control – throughout their full contract life cycle from sourcing to negotiating to auditing and service issue resolution. Fine Tune has also developed proprietary auditing software, Expense Management Optimization & Auditing Technology (eMOAT), which monitors client invoices to ensure adherence with the implemented agreements.

Several of the world’s most recognizable brands have chosen Fine Tune, including Cargill, Pep Boys, Siemens, Advance Auto Parts, Caterpillar, and MilliporeSigma. As a member of the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development, Fine Tune is leading the charge to integrate sustainability and supply from an expense management perspective, providing solutions that not only advance clients’ sustainability efforts but improve bottom lines as well.

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