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Stories matter: business writing and storytelling

StoryStudio develops and delivers customized training around business writing, storytelling, and presentations. We help sales teams, marketing/communications departments, leadership development cohorts, C suite leaders, and everyone in between.

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Company Bio

By teaching improv and storytelling together, we guide business people to write, think, present, persuade, and engage in innovative conversations. We emphasize emotion, because clients have feelings too; craft, because quality and consistency matter; physicality, because our bodies tell stories; and action, because making a pitch is about building relationships and creating conversations. And, we keep our eyes squarely on the audience.

The Change We Seek

StoryStudio Chicago was founded in large part as a way to step away from the traditional workplace to create a business based on enriching people’s lives by helping them tell their stories in a variety of art forms, by (re)introducing creativity in all aspects of life.